January 23, 2019

Focus on Simplicity

My wife Gab has watched a few episodes on Netflix of Marie Kondo so this month I would like to focus on simplicity and removing clutter from your life. If you have never heard of her before it is about a young Japanese mother that goes in and helps people de-clutter their homes. At the start of the episode people talk about their issues and most of them relate to their relationships with their partner or kids, their capacity to focus at work or even to be productive in many areas of their lives.
Marie explains that by going through the process of removing things, removing unused or unwanted stuff and folding or placing objects in an orderly fashion it can do absolute wonders for each person that does it. By watching a few episodes with Gab it was great to see how simplicity in life changed people emotions and allowed them to become more creative, efficient and social.
The reason why I am mentioning this at the moment is because this month I have had a few clients that have presented into the studio with the same frustration and confusion with their current health areas. It is January and people are doing their new years resolution or goals for 2019 and often increasing their health is a high priority, but where do they start? I heard the questions: Do we change our diet, start exercising, try and become happier and destress, get some blood test or further screening test, start yoga, become vegan, eat paleo, start fasting etc etc?
The questions were endless and often we hear all these great ideas and add them to ‘the list’. To be honest this just causes more confusion and pushes us further away from what it is that we are actually after. This is where simplicity can be so powerful.
The Real Health Revolution workshop that we run for all new clients explains exactly what we do and most importantly what we will not do. We try and explain in simple, but powerful, terms that health can be very simple and that the body is clever if you get out of its way. Do some simple things well and you can expect your innate intelligence and your nervous system to do the work for you. Health should be very easy but as a society we really over complicate it.
People have piles of blood tests, x-rays, MRI’s etc plus we have reports from specialists or we have the ancient remedies passed down from generation to generation. We can also then get the opinion of what is wrong with us from our great Auntie or even from the neighbours best friends mate that once did a course on something. I am being cheeky now but my point is that we clutter up our lives with stuff that causes more confusion.
In saying all of this I am asking you all to have a month of simplicity. Give yourself a break and try and clean out your clothes cardboard, your shed or the kitchen. If you are feeling brave try and tackle the storage space in your house. Once you give this a go I have no doubt that it will free up space not only in your house but most importantly your head.
You will see how awesome keeping things simple is and start to look for it in many other areas of your life, your health being one of them.
Have a great start to the year everyone!
Until next time, big smiles,