IN8 Movement

  • IN8 Movement ended on October 7, 2020

Advanced Workshop

From the moment we enter into the world we are subject to physical stresses that our bodies must either learn to adapt to or overcome. Whether it be a traumatic birth or even learning to walk and falling over repeatedly.

As we grow our behaviours change, we go from our bodies learning to deal with the traumas that come with young age to then dealing with the physical stresses that come with adolescence and adult hood such as sitting at a desk, driving, heavy sports or even no sports at all. All the natural progressions and activities we do from the time of our birth to our old age all have an affect on our bodies.

Our past cannot be changed but we can look at natural ways of undoing what we have experienced, we believe the best way of doing so is through a holistic health care like chiropractic.

Our IN8 Movement workshop focuses on teaching our clients great techniques through the movement of the body to help with these physical stresses.