Innate Intelligence

  • Innate Intelligence ended on November 4, 2020

Advanced Workshop

The key concept of this advanced workshop is that we already have the amazing power to be healthy inside of us from before we were born. The issue is the majority of us have lost the ability to use this power or even to know that it is there. For example have you ever thought that when you cut your arm, why does it heal automatically without your constant thought? Or what is the power that creates a baby over 9 months? Or even how your body digests food automatically every single time that you eat something?
This power within us is working every single moment of our lives without our conscious thought. It is the magic that is inside all of us and we as chiropractors call this power INNATE INTELLIGENCE.

Our workshop is based on helping our clients get in touch with their Innate Intelligence on a deeper level and having a lot more knowledge on how our amazing bodies were designed to work. It is a beautiful combination of this philosophy and how it intersects with modern science.
The way in which we use and listen to our innate intelligence is through the wonderful thing that we call the nervous system. It is this wonderful nervous system that, we as chiropractors have our affect on health. If your nervous system functions at its best then you have direct and constant access to your own innate intelligence and therefore a greater potential to be healthy.
We want our amazing clients to understand that to be healthy you don’t need to do anything special or have a special pill or the newest technology but you only need to understand the power within you, listen to it and let it express itself fully.

What a topic! Join us to find out more…