Paediatric chiropractors, Geelong West

The birthing process can put significant stress and pressure on a baby’s spine and nervous system. At The IN8 Life, we are qualified, gentle and safe chiropractors who adore taking care of babies and children, in Geelong West.

Seeing a chiropractor in the early stages of life is particularly important in cases of assisted delivery, which includes the use of forceps, caesarean section and vacuum extraction. In cases of prematurity, multiple birth or traumatic delivery, The IN8 Life’s Geelong West chiropractors are trained in ensuring a baby’s nervous and spinal systems are recovering and functioning optimally.

During an assisted birth, an average of 40 kilograms, or 90 pounds, of pressure, and 180 degrees of rotation is put on the baby’s neck. This can cause serious neurological damage, torticollis or less severe irritation that can result in disturbances with breastfeeding, developmental delay and more. At The IN8 Life, we are also Geelong West pregnancy chiropractors and can provide a targeted approach pre-birth in a bid to provide a smoother birthing process.

A check-up with your specialist chiropractors at The IN8 Life will tell you if the nervous system has been damaged and guide you about what is next. Even if you have already received professional advice, a assessment from chiropractors who see infants and children can provide much-needed peace of mind as to the health of your baby.

Geelong West kids chiropractor services

There are many common childhood issues that can be addressed by a visit to a kids chiropractor. There’s a range of conditions, illnesses and complaints that children suffer from that parents wouldn’t usually associate with chiropractic treatment.

As your specialist kids chiropractor in Geelong West, The IN8 Life provides safe and gentle chiropractic treatment for children to address all sorts of issues.

As with all our chiropractor services for adults, including athletes, and modern-day working people, a visit to a Geelong West kids chiropractor at The IN8 Life is an individualised service. We will tailor a program for your child to ensure they are receiving the exact care that they need.

If you’re looking for a kids chiropractor in Geelong West, contact The IN8 Life today.