Geelong West chiropractic treatment for people with modern-day lifestyles

Nine out of 10 people show signs of postural distortion and our modern-day lifestyles are a lot to blame. Forward head carriage has been shown to decrease life expectancy by 14 years, which is a more significant reduction than the effects of smoking. At The IN8 Life, our chiropractic services focus on developing better posture and spinal function in our clients, therefore improving overall health and wellbeing.

Working sitting down, spending extended periods on the couch, looking at computers and our phones and other devices are all lifestyle characteristics of common modern-day people. These habits are all major contributors to the epidemic of postural distortion including forward head carriage. Postural distortion is among the more common issues that we treat at our Geelong West chiropractic clinic.

Postural alignment issues in athletes commonly require chiropractic treatment, while people in the corporate world are quite susceptible to modern lifestyle habits that lead to postural imbalance and forward head carriage. At The IN8 Life, our chiropractic services will improve posture and therefore your overall health.