Geelong West chiropractic for good health and guidance for anxiety, depression & insomnia

In Australia right now, depression, anxiety, insomnia and a range of other neuro-emotional diseases have reached an all-time high. You are not alone.

At The IN8 Life, we are here to tell you that just because something has become average or commonplace, it does not mean that it has to become normal. You do not have to settle, and you do not have to suffer. Your experience, although common, is not normal – normal is feeling great and that’s where we want you to be. There are natural solutions and we can help you on this journey of discovery. That’s where our Geelong West wellness chiropractic services including workshops and classes can help.

Because of the varying results and side-effects associated with many pharmaceutical drugs or medications for these conditions, more and more people are turning toward natural and allied health care for solutions. These solutions include visiting a chiropractor. The IN8 Life is your Geelong West destination for wellness chiropractic services.

What makes us different is our comprehensive analysis and role we take as co-pilot, teaching and allowing you to be responsible for your wellbeing. Our process with all our chiropractic services is to begin at the beginning.

We want to help you understand:

  • What has happened in your life to get you to this point – your health history, including all physical (accidents and injuries), chemical (drugs, nutrition) and emotional stresses you have experienced
  • Where you would like to be – what are your specific goals, to simply function or to thrive and feel amazing
  • How we can help you get there – we will present you with a detailed plan of the approach we feel suits you best and our honest recommendations and expectations based on our experiences