Chiropractors for back pain, Geelong West

When people think of chiropractors, their mind often wanders straight to the spine and the obvious conclusion is that we treat backs and therefore back pain. Clinical studies have certainly demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic care for back pain and many clients, even those who don’t come to see our Geelong West chiropractors for back pain, will often experience relief.

So while we are chiropractors who can help with back pain, at The IN8 Life, do we actually ‘treat’ the back pain? The short answer is no, not really. Our care is aimed at balancing and enhancing the function of the spine and the central nervous system that runs within it. The effect of this is better overall function of the entire body which, of course, often means back pain relief.

When you see our Geelong West chiropractors for back pain or neck pain, in many cases this relief is immediate. But depending on your history this process may take time. However, your chiropractor at The IN8 Life will always talk you through the process and we are always honest about what we think you should expect based on our past experiences.

Slipped discs, sciatica, hernias, discopathy, arthritis, spondylolisthesis and neuropathy are some of the technical terms your doctor or radiologist might have mentioned in regard to your back pain. Whatever your specific case is, when you see one of our chiropractors for back pain treatment, we will do a thorough Total Health Evaluation and take into account every aspect of the problem. Your Geelong West chiropractor will then tailor a specific chiropractic plan that matches your personal goals.

Targeting back pain to improve your overall health

We know that a well-functioning spine is integral for our overall health. In fact Hippocrates, the ancient Greek philosopher and father of modern medicine, once said “in all disease, look first to the spine”. What does this mean? Well, the bonus of seeking a chiropractor for back pain is that in the fabric of our intricate and intelligent body, not one symptom ever exists in isolation.

If poor spinal function can create back pain it can also affect the function of the internal organs and other tissues. Therefore, seeing one of our Geelong West chiropractors for back pain might not only ease that pain, but you may also experience improvements in other areas of your health and wellbeing.

The IN8 Life’s chiropractic services can help ease many symptoms, and we are also here to help if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Geelong West to help with pregnancy-related issues.