Geelong West chiropractors for neck pain treatment

Whiplash, torticollis, stiff necks and nerve or disc problems are such common place in this day and age. One or more of these ailments could prompt a visit to your Geelong West chiropractors for neck pain treatment, The IN8 Life. Thanks to our very sedentary lifestyles or work stations, ‘text neck’, forward head carriage and poor posture are fast rising as common neck pain complaints for many as well.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Geelong West to help with neck pain, the chiropractic team at The IN8 Life can help. It is rare for people to walk into our chiropractic studio without ever having experienced some form of neck pain, just as it is rare for somebody to walk out without at least some kind of relief.

To understand such a broad statement you have to understand a little bit about just how incredibly important our neck actually is, the role of chiropractors in neck pain treatment and the many related effects on your overall health. Housed in the very top of the neck, the junction between our skull and our spine is our brainstem. The brainstem is without a doubt one of the most influential parts of our entire anatomy when it comes to health and wellbeing. The brainstem virtually controls every major function of our body, from coordination and balance to the regulation of every cell tissue and organ.

The spine should have a nice clean hole to house and protect the brain stem, and that space should continue for the entire length of the spine. Anything from poor posture to arthritic spurs can make this canal smaller than optimum and change the flow of information to and from the brain.

The extreme example of disrupted communication is a broken neck. The pressure of displaced bones and inflammation on the spinal cord can render people quadriplegic or even dead, but between here and normal there is a huge scale of varying symptoms that any individual might experience. The IN8 Life’s Geelong West chiropractors can help with neck pain, intervening at the onset of most issues or symptoms and prevent further complications down the track.

What a ‘pain in the neck’

There is a reason why we refer to things that really annoy us as a ‘pain in the neck’. The neck, with its relationship to the brainstem, does not just transmit pain when it isn’t functioning optimally, it can also create irritability, headaches, confusion, drowsiness, strange and painful sensations in the hands or arms, poor muscle balance and other symptoms and issues including back pain. It can also trigger anxiety, depression and insomnia.

At The IN8 Life, we believe chiropractic techniques are one of the fastest and, in our experience, most enduring ways to affect the function of the neck and treat neck pain. Better function means improved mobility, which means a greater expression of health and wellbeing.

Some people have their concerns about chiropractic techniques when treating neck pain, and people are entitled to be conservative about such a crucial part of the human body. At The IN8 Life, we agree that chiropractors, including our Geelong West chiropractors treating your neck pain, should have undergone the intense formal training required to be working with such an important area.

The importance of neck pain treatment is why chiropractors are experts in this area, as training is the most extensive and complete when it comes to adjusting the neck safely. At The IN8 Life, your chiropractor is always happy to discuss this with you and please remember there is not one approach for everybody. Before our Geelong West chiropractors treat your neck pain they will modify and select, with your permission, the most appropriate and gentle technique for each individual.

If you’re experiencing neck pain, contact The IN8 Life chiropractors today.