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Jess, KinesiologyJess is a dedicated Kinesiologist on a mission to facilitate profound healing from within. Her journey began with the study of clinical nutrition, driven by a genuine desire to identify the most effective approach to support healing. Initially believing that nutrition and exercise were the cornerstones of optimal health, Jess’s personal exploration revealed that true healing extends beyond these alone. In her quest for holistic well-being, Jess discovered the transformative power of kinesiology, revitalising her on emotional, physical, and chemical levels. This life-changing revelation motivated her to share this transformative experience with others.

Committed to guiding individuals toward their own transformative experiences, Jess believes in the multi-dimensional nature of health, delving into various studies, including kinesiology, personal training, and nutrition. Currently pursuing a diploma in naturopathy and furthering her kinesiology studies, she remains dedicated to continuous learning, recognizing knowledge as an ever-evolving tool.

Jess founded The Nourished Club, a health and wellness business, to collaboratively work with individuals to enhance their full potential. Through the integration of kinesiology, nutrition, and lifestyle practices, she aims to empower others to achieve holistic health and well-being. In her clinic, Jess specialises in (but is not limited to) emotional imbalance stemming from past traumas, anxiety, self-doubt, or low confidence; chemical imbalance requiring nutrition, supplement, and intolerance testing; physical imbalance arising from injury or pain and developing training programs based on body testing; or metaphysical imbalance.

Her goal is to guide individuals on a journey to optimal health and help them thrive in every dimension of their lives.

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