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Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain in Geelong West

Dull, sharp, throbbing, excruciating. All these words can be used to describe lower back pain, one of the common conditions that adults experience. At The IN8 Life, our chiropractors are highly skilled in providing natural care that can address lumbar discomfort.

What Causes It?

There are many sources of pain in the lumbar region, including

  • Trauma
  • A sports injury
  • Lifting something wrong
  • Sitting with poor posture
  • An auto accident

A joint restriction could also be at fault, causing spasms and inflammation in the area. Other issues like disc herniation, disease or arthritis can put pressure on the lower back.

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Getting to the Root Cause

While ice packs and over-the-counter medications can alleviate lower back pain for a short time, these conventional approaches don’t address the root cause, and the problem may continue to come back and even worsen. That’s why we recommend our natural approach.

What to Expect

We have a thorough consultation process to help identify any contributing factors to ensure we get to the root of your low back discomfort. Once we determine the source of your pain, we can design a care plan to help get you relief and back to your life. Our chiropractors use various adjusting techniques and can tailor care to meet your specific needs.

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