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Paediatric Chiropractic Care
in Geelong West

Why Should Kids Get Chiropractic Care?

Simply put, children have spines and nervous systems, just like adults. They are also subjected to stresses that can cause subluxations, just like adults. Correcting these subluxations through gentle chiropractic adjustments helps little ones’ nervous systems function as they should, allowing their innate intelligence to take over—just like in adults!

The first stress most babies are subjected to is birth. This can put significant stress and pressure on the baby’s spine and nervous system, inhibiting full expression of their innate power from the first moment of life. Chiropractic care can restore normal nervous system function so your child can express optimal health and create the foundation for lifelong wellness.
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Our Expert Approach to Care

At The IN8 Life, our philosophy in caring for newborns, babies and older kids is the same as for adults. Our goal is always to understand why symptoms are present, locate the cause, and correct it. However, the way in which we achieve this goal is vastly different in children.

Our chiropractors love caring for babies and kids, and are experts in over a hundred adjusting techniques. They will customise care specifically for your child. The adjustment will always be tailored to a patient’s size and shape, and will always be very gentle.

The Benefits of Innate Living for Kids

When we help kids’ bodies express their innate wisdom and healing intelligence, they gain confidence in their body’s ability to heal. They understand that a fever or a runny nose are intelligent body responses.

They are more flexible and adaptable in life, with less stress and anxiety. Their immune system functions better and they don’t catch every “bug” that’s going around. They understand that making healthy choices in food supports the way they want to live and feel. And they have the freedom to create the life they truly desire, because health is not a hindrance.

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We’d love to help your child build a solid foundation so they can change and evolve through all the intricacies, joys and experiences of life. Book an appointment here.


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