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5 Tips to Avoid Neck Pain this Summer

Neck pain at the deskNeck pain is a common problem during the summer months. This is because there are many factors that can contribute to neck pain during this time of year.

One reason why neck pain may be more common in the summer is due to increased physical activity. During the summer months, people tend to spend more time outdoors, engaging in activities such as swimming, hiking, and running. This increase in physical activity can cause neck pain due to the strain on the joints or muscles.

Neck pain doesn’t have to ruin your summer plans. At The IN8 Life, we believe prevention is better than cure. Part of our chiropractors’ role is to educate patients how to avoid issues in the future.

Here are five tips to help you avoid neck pain, so you can enjoy your summer fun comfortably!

1. Book in to see your chiropractor. We’re here for you! Health funds reset on 1 January, so if you’re considering visiting the chiropractor, now is the time to use the health fund you’re entitled to. Chiropractic care may help alleviate your neck pain so you can enjoy the season in comfort.

2. Lift with care. Use proper lifting technique when picking up things like an Esky or mountain bike, for example.

3. Stretch before exercise. You get to the beach and the surf looks perfect, but before you jump in, warm up your muscles with stretching and stretch after engaging in your favourite water sport.

4. Be mindful of sleep positions & habits. To help prevent neck pain, you should sleep on your side or back. It’s also essential to find a pillow that supports the natural curve of your neck when you lie down to sleep. Did you know that sleeping with a fan can cause neck stiffness? That’s because the cool breeze that the fan produces can cause the muscles to tense up as it blows on your skin. Consider banning the fan.

5. Keep posture in mind. It can be tempting to take your laptop to work on the verandah, but having an ergonomically friendly workstation is important when it comes to maintaining proper posture.

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Neck pain doesn’t have to ruin your summer fun. Give our practice a call today to book an appointment!

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