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All Healing Comes From Within You

woman with her hands on her heartAt the start of your chiropractic care at The IN8 Life I would have done a class for you called “The Real Health Revolution”. This class is designed to teach you, or highlight to you, that all healing for all people and all illnesses comes from within and chiropractic care is there to help this healing process within you flourish by removing your subluxations.

The secret to health is understanding this point and trusting in it. The reason that I have decided to write about this today is that often I have more confidence in your health and healing capacity than many of you do. I have seen multiple amazing examples of healing take place in a number of clients and therefore my faith in the body’s natural ability to heal continuously amazes me.

I have noticed that many of our clients, both new and those that have been coming in for some time, have forgotten the number one reason we adjust your spine. The reason is to allow a greater expression of your amazing innate intelligence to go through and stimulate every cell, tissue and organ in your body. This innate intelligence is what creates all healing, all regeneration and allows all adaptation to stress in our lives. Many of you are still quite focused on pain and the expectation that an outside force is needed to fix or remove this pain. I am writing this thought of the month to ensure you that this is not the case, as written above all healing comes from within you and you really are amazing!

I am asking you all to help me help you to reach the highest level of health, energy and happiness that you would like this year. In order to do this we need to focus on your innate intelligence during and after your adjustments. Next time you are in the studio for your adjustment, close your eyes and simply remember just how incredible you are.

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