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Chiropractic & Massage

person getting a shoulder massage

I want to address the questions about chiropractic and massage. I have been asked a number of questions about the two so here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an adjustment or a massage?
In short, they are two completely different things and they compliment each other perfectly. A chiropractic adjustment works on the nervous system and helps to increase the brain-body connection and ideally it will help to increase the flow of the bodies inborn innate healing potential.

A massage is more designed to help blood flow and muscle flexibility. It also has a neurological component as there is a touch element to it. Often we find that if someones’ adjustments are not ‘holding’ for long periods of time, then I would say that a combination of both would be ideal.

I believe that the following analogy may help explain the difference. Imagine if the light in your room right now went out. There are two major things that could have gone wrong: 1.The light bulb has blown and we only need to change the light globe to fix the problem or 2. The wiring and the connection from the switch to electrical fuse box has been damaged. You have no current in the system and no matter how new the light bulb is, you need the electricity in the system to create light.

In this analogy, a massage is like changing the light bulb; if it is broken, the best way to get the light working again is to change the bulb and get the muscle back into working order. An adjustment ensures that there is enough current flowing through the system to allow the bulb to work.

Can they be done on the same day? Should I have an adjustment before or after a massage?
Yes & Yes! They can be done on the same day and the one that goes first is up to the individual and what they think feels best. I would suggest that you have a trial in both ways and see which works for you. I have a number of clients that tell me their preference and it is nearly 50/50 spit. There is no research that suggests that one way is better than the other.

What kind of massage do I need?
There are a number of different types such as deep tissue massage, clinical massage and relaxation massage. They all have different purposes. We will aim to have the more clinical, deep tissue massage with an objective focus to help get those muscles of yours working to help the adjustments hold for longer. We will also have some specialist massage for pregnancy on offer at The IN8 Life. If you are after more of a relaxation massage, then I would suggest finding a day spa or retreat that have purpose built environments for this style. Please note that all types of massage have their merit!

Who is the right person to give me a massage?
The answer to this question is related to the one above. We have deliberately decided to have massage therapists (Myotherapists, remedial therapists and intuitive healers) that are well trained and have a great understanding of the body’s needs in a holistic capacity.We have gone to great lengths to have the perfect people to complement our work here at The IN8 Life.

Can I claim my massage using my insurance benefits?
Yes, you can claim the massages on your private health insurance by taking the receipt with you or sending a photo through to your health fund. The amount you get back will depend on your cover.

So I hope that these responses have answered a few of the questions that you may have had. We currently have Benji working with us 2 days a week. He has only been with us for 1 month and is nearly booked out 2 weeks in advance!. I have been told by nearly all that have received a massage from him so far that “he is amazing:, “the best massage I’ve have had in over 10 years” and that he is “far too cheap for what he does.” The final thing that I wanted to say is that we have searched hard to find the right fit for us here and so far Benji has been perfect for all of us.

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