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Health as an Investment

person reviewing a financial documentEOFY – that time of year we all start to think about: Where we spent our money. How much tax we will have to pay. Or, if we’re lucky, how much we’ll get back from our tax return. It is a time of year when our financial priorities become highlighted, and even if we put the process off until later, we can’t help but think about the inevitable outcome.

So where have you made good financial choices this past 12 months? Have you invested in things that bring happiness and health to your life? Or have you invested in things that serve a version of you that society dictates to be ‘normal’ and ‘necessary’?

There is no right or wrong that fits every one of us, we are all unique. But one thing so many of us have in common is that we don’t actually take the time to sit back and reflect on what our true priorities are—short and long-term.

I bet you can all guess at least one area that we would recommend investing time, effort and hard-earned cash into and that is of course the most important asset you have—your health. Sorry, but in the spirit of EOFY, we haven’t finished with the financial analogies. Overall, our health is the best investment we can make.

Consider your health as a bank account. Like any bank account, there will be deposits and withdrawals along the way. But the more deposits and the less withdrawals we make, the better the overall balance. Not only this, our deposits accumulate interest and our savings give us a buffer should we ever need them. Your health is exactly the same, the more you deposit, the more you can expect and the more you save, should you need to withdraw for some reason eg. because of an accident or illness, the faster you will recover.

A Helpful Exercise

Here is a little exercise for you to gain some perspective. Fill in this bank statement. What are the things you do to increase your “health bank balance” and what do you do that makes a withdrawal? Be honest, be thorough and imagine where the balance might be.


  • Yoga, Weekly
  • Meditation, Daily
  • Journal, Monthly


  • Negative Thoughts, daily
  • Junk Food, weekly
  • Smoking, Monthly
After you have identified your strengths and weaknesses use this as a platform to set your goals for the future. Now is a great time to get serious and consider where your best investments should lie in the coming financial year.

So what are you going to spend your tax return on? A new flat screen or a better future?

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