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Is It Normal to Be Sore After a Chiropractic Appointment?

If you’ve never received chiropractic care before, you may be reluctant to get adjusted because you think you might feel sore afterwards. While chiropractic care isn’t considered painful, we do let new patients know to possibly expect some soreness following their first adjustment.

A Sign Your Body Is Healing

Don’t let possible soreness prevent you from getting adjusted. “What’s going on is your body’s working properly now; it’s healing again,” said Dr Zachary Trajkovski (Chiropractor).

Because your spine has had a lack of movement for a long time, you will feel a bit sore the next day.

It’s like the soreness you might feel after doing a big workout at the gym for the first time. By continuing to go to the gym and exercise, your body will adapt, and you’ll feel less sore. It’s the same as your chiropractic adjustment. Your body will adapt, you’ll begin to heal, and you’ll start to see results after those first few adjustments.

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