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Is It Safe to Crack Your Own Neck/Spine?

You may think that cracking your own back or spine isn’t a big deal, and that it’s not going to hurt anything. That’s just not true. Back cracking and spine adjusting can be dangerous. Doing this yourself can cause serious damage to your body, and even lead to more pain in the long run.

What It Does to the Body

By engaging in this habit, you’re not actually adjusting the spine, but pulling on the ligaments attached to your spine. The strong fibrous ligaments are designed to hold your spine in its stable position.

When people self-adjust, they’re pulling on those ligaments. “That’s why if you continue to pull and stretch the ligaments with that force, you may not even be able to self-crack or adjust yourself in the future, because the ligaments are now unstable,” said Dr Zachary Trajkovski (Chiropractor).

Health complications can arise from that instability; these include neck pain and headaches.

Leave It to the Professionals

The bottom line is this: leave the adjusting to chiropractors, who know how to adjust properly and safely, so you get the relief you need without any risks or further injury.

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