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Thriving Families

Blazing a New Way of Health

smiling family hugging one anotherSmoke billows from a burning building. Flames crackle and lick the sky as they begin to emerge from the rooftop. In the background, the sharp ping of a smoke detector can be heard ‘beep, beep, beep’. The fire brigade arrives. A strong and handsome fireman, clad in his uniform, axe in hand, brimming with confidence and experience charges into the building… the beeping stops. Is the fire out already? The now large crowd of onlookers breathe a sigh of relief as the fireman exits and proudly announces the smoke detector has been deactivated. Crisis over.

Imagine for a second if this was the reality of fire response units. If they didn’t care at all for the fire but focused solely on eliminating the annoying sign that we all dread ‘beep, beep, beep’ because it was quicker, easier and calmed those listening down a little. It doesn’t take much to see that acting in this way would not prevent or put out fires. In fact it would likely create bigger, hotter and longer lasting issues than our current approach to fire safety.

Now take this analogy and apply it to your body. When something is not right with our health, somewhere inside there is a fire to be put out. The fire sets off an alarm system which from the outside can look like any number of signs or symptoms.

Perhaps it is infantile colic, repetitive colds, ear infections, asthma, allergies, learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, gross motor issues, anxiety, depression, disease, pain, discomfort, or sickness in general.

If these symptoms are our ‘fire alarm’, what would be more effective for our long term health: ignore the alarm until the fire burns it up, turn off the alarm with a pill that stops it OR put out the fire by working out where the fuel is coming from?

For many reasons modern medicine has reached a cross roads, where it has for too long acted like the confident fireman turning off the alarm ie. covering symptoms. Modern families are demanding more. At this crossroads of science and intellect – intuition and logic, more and more are demanding to truly understand the cause of their signs and symptoms and to learn to construct better lifestyles that will lead them into the future with resilience, confidence and true health.

As a mother and a natural health practitioner, it is my greatest desire to help other mothers and children truly understand how to get the very best from their own health by learning to listen to and heed the call of their own body. A mother that is thriving and full of energy is a better mother, and a child that feels amazing and reaches their highest potential is all any mother could ask for. The profound flow on effect this has on the future of our society, our environment and the world we leave behind for our great-great-grand children and beyond is nothing short of profound.

For the entire family to flourish and be awesome, it is as simple as understanding what are the essential elements we need in order to be truly healthy. Much like a garden, proper nutrients, sunlight, fresh water and great company are a good start.

Our physical human body is exactly the same, but beyond our superficial needs there is an incredible intelligence inside each and every one of us that often gets forgotten. This innate intelligence controls and coordinates the very use of these essential elements and translates that into the expression of our life and health. Innate intelligence controls, regulates, heals, adapts and intuitively guides us. Science likes to describe this as the Nervous System – the brain and spinal cord, communicating with each and every cell in the body and the external environment via delicate nerves.

As a provider of chiropractic care, it is my role to understand and respect the incredible role the Nervous System has in maintaining and expressing our health. The nervous system is responsible for responding to and alerting us of any ‘fires’ in our body, and it does this by responding to the physical, chemical and emotional stress in our lives, the ‘fuel’ to our symptomatic fires. We work so well alongside pregnant mothers, infants, children and beyond, because we know that the key to ensuring the best possible expression of our innate intelligence is by recognising and eliminating the causes of stress, often before signs and symptoms even arise.

As mothers we want what is best for our family, but if we are only presented with one option, for example a conventional treatment then of course we will take it, even if we don’t fully understand the long term ramifications or the true underlying causes. In our studio we offer a true alternative, a way of shifting the focus of health to proactive and intuitive action. The environment we have created reflects this fresh natural idea, so that entire family feels safe and excited, and even young children look forward to their visits.

“A mother that is thriving and full of energy is a better mother, and a child that feels amazing and reaches their highest potential is all any mother could ask for”

“The best medicine is teaching people how not to need it” DD Palmer, Founder of Chiropractic

“The only really valuable thing is intuition” Albert Einstein

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