Looking for a specialist pregnancy chiropractor in Geelong West?

People rave about chiropractic care during pregnancy for good reason. Pregnant women can experience a range of spinal issues and pains that a pregnancy chiropractor can help alleviate. If you’re looking for a specialist, caring and knowledgeable pregnancy chiropractor in Geelong West, then look no further than The IN8 Life.

The majority of women suffer from lower back pain during pregnancy. Headaches, neck pain, pubic symphysis pain and sciatica are also common pregnancy-related pains that can be eased by a visit to a pregnancy chiropractor.

Treatment from a pregnancy chiropractor also increases the likelihood of a smoother labour. Chiropractic care is known scientifically to considerably reduce labour time, while correct alignment of the spine and pelvis minimises pain and trauma for mum and bub.

Chiropractic for Discomfort and Intrauterine Constraint

Chiropractic care can help maximise balance of the Pelvis and uterine ligaments which may allow the baby to move more freely.

One of the most common reasons for a baby to be breech is lack of room to move in the uterus or intrauterine constraint. This is becoming more and more common and unfortunately can lead to stress for the parents, traumatic births or often planned caesarean sections. The flow-on effect on the health of the mother and child is immeasurable and one which we would prefer to help you avoid. With proper preparation we believe avoiding problems from breech birth can be achieved naturally.

Understanding the reasons for intrauterine constraint is important. Remember also that that intrauterine constraint does not just affect breech babies, but can disrupt the normal birth process for anybody. It is hypothesised that this problem is on the rise due to the way we move and use our bodies during pregnancy, as compared with what we are designed to do by Mother Nature.

Let’s first consider what is ideal. We are designed to have strong yet flexible dynamic joints. We are supposed to be able to squat low with ease and for long periods of time, as often seen today in Asian cultures. During pregnancy, our ligaments should become more relaxed, the pelvis should widen and the abdominal muscles should stretch and create ample space. All of this should happen while the mother remains comfortable and moves through her daily life with relative ease and energy. When we are pregnant our body gives us signs to slow down and rest when it is necessary.

The reality is, most women spend a great deal of the pregnancy continuing the activities they did before. This may mean a great portion the day is spent sitting, perhaps at the computer or the couch. Very few Western women squat for long periods to allow their body to expand and open. We often continue with rigorous exercise or make an effort (perhaps even subconsciously) to hold the belly in, not allowing the abdominal muscles to stretch fully, perhaps for fear of stretch marks, or having to leave work earlier than wanted. And when our body gives us signs to slow down, we take it as a sign to energise with chocolate or coffee, and keep going about all of the busy preparations we have in the short window before baby arrives.

Unfortunately, often late in the pregnancy when we are told our baby is breech or we become uncomfortable, intrauterine constraint has already set in.

The IN8 Life’s Geelong West chiropractors are trained to assess and address intrauterine constraint and prepare you for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth.

We are passionate about women and their families embracing and enjoying this incredible time and we are confident that we can openly and honestly guide you in the right direction