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Why Are X-rays Important?

When you visit one of the chiropractors here at The IN8 Life, they often take an X-ray of your spine. This helps them see what is going on with your spine and nerves, and to determine the best course of care.

“X-rays are a massive part of your care here at the practice. Not only can we see how bones are moving and sitting, but how much degeneration we’re dealing with,” said Dr Zachary Trajkovski (Chiropractor). By taking X-rays, we have a good window on how to use specific techniques to speed up the time frame of healing.

What Exactly Is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a type of radiation that can pass through your body and create an image on a film or digital detector. This image can show the inside of your body without having to make any incisions. When it comes to your spine, an X-ray can show things like

  • The alignment of your spine
  • The density of your bones
  • The presence of any foreign objects in your body
  • Any abnormalities in your spine or bones

X-rays are painless and take a few minutes to complete. These images help our chiropractors get a clear picture of what is going on with your spine, so that they can create an efficient care plan that gets to the root cause of your particular issue.

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If you have any questions about why your chiropractor recommends an X-ray, ask them during your next appointment. They will be happy to explain everything in more detail!

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