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At The IN8 Life, we offer corporate workshop packages to address a range of common issues affecting workplace productivity, morale and general wellness.

Our Geelong West corporate health workshops services can help your business or company benefit from:

·    Fewer sick days and workplace injuries

·    Happier staff and a more efficient workplace

·    Improved staff health and therefore improved productivity

Improve your bottom line with a corporate workshop

Did you know:

·    Absenteeism in Australia costs businesses $30 billion per year which is $385 per day, per employee?

·    From 2005-2006 presentism (underperforming due to illness) cost Australian businesses $26 billion?

·    Unmanaged reactions to stress are a more dangerous risk factor for cancer and heart disease than either cigarette smoking or high cholesterol foods?

We offer corporate wellness programs for small, medium and large businesses in the Geelong and Bayside areas. We have performed over 220 programs in four different countries in two different languages. Over the last five years, our workshops have directly helped over 10,000 people world-wide so we know how to get happier, healthier employees and save money for businesses along the way.

We can help you!

Over the past 12 months here in Geelong, we have worked with Cotton On, Lake Imaging, Whitford Property, Tribal, local football clubs and retirement groups performing a number of our wellness workshops.

Our skills involve helping move employees from a state of awareness into a state of action. This means that after one of our workshops we have a 65-80% success rate at getting employees inspired to act on their own health immediately, which can be done outside of work hours as well!

This is not only a huge benefit to the individual person but also to the employer. It means happy and healthier employees, a more desirable work environment and a more efficient workplace – plus it saves the business money by decreasing absenteeism and presentism.

The benefits for your business is straightforward – you will learn:

1)How to reduce sick leave and increase staff performance in your workplace.

2) How to save money and increase effectiveness of the workplace.

THE IN8 LIFE Corporate Health & Wellness Workshops

We come to your workplace to provide an engaging and inspiring wellness workshop.

We have a range of different topics that we can expand on depending on your preferences and needs.

Options for Workshop:

30-minute presentation with in depth information

15-minute presentation to easily fit in with already existing meetings

Workshops information presented around Geelong 

‘Stress in the Workplace’ Workshop

Summary: What does stress actually mean? How can we monitor and avoid it? How do the three major causes of stress affect a happy and productive workplace?

– This is the perfect stepping stone toward positive change.

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All stresses affect us differently. It is common to suffer from back pains, headaches, hernias, depression, unhappiness, anxiety and even in some long-term cases disease and cancers.

The three major types of stresses that affect us are:

Physical stress – sitting postures, hours at the deck, trauma to the body from hard labour, repetitive strain on posture and lack in diverse movement.

Chemical stress – cleaning products, chemicals to make products, air conditioning, poor-quality food, not enough water and too much coffee to get through the day.

Emotional stress – level of anxiety amongst colleagues, unharmonious workplace environment, deadlines to reach and the constant juggling of the work/family life balance.

All of these kinds of stress result in a lack of efficiency of work and an increase in sickness within a workplace environment. The key to being healthy and increasing ones quality of life is learning how to adapt to your environment and having strategies to change perspective around different types of stress.

In our workshops it is our objective to educate the attendees to have a broader appreciation of what are the good and bad variations of stress. We also focus on when it is important to dive deeper into understanding your own stress levels.  We highlight the current mainstream treatment options and more practical and natural treatment possibilities.

The largest strength to the workshops is helping people take action straight away and not remaining victims to their situation. Giving someone the power and knowledge to take their health and their actions into their own hands is the single most powerful outcome we can ask for and one that we encourage.

‘If you have a terrible health situation right now, if you are feeling the pressure of winter and the lack of energy, or you are not in a place where you want to be then the only option you have right now is to find out something new and choose to do something different.’

We believe that our workshops can help with this and we know that you will love them.

‘The Power of Positive Thought’ Workshop

Summary: This is a fun and entertaining look at how positivity (and negativity) influence our quality of life and our health in general. We give easy and immediately actionable steps to improve our day to day positivity and overall happiness. In this 40-minute workshop we dive deeper in to helping you understand and action a plan for those truly intrigued by the concepts presented.

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Did you know that you have the power to live the life of your dreams? A life full of love, prosperity and happiness – without fear, hatred or anxiety!

To many people it seems impossible, but the truth is the answer is simple and easily attainable for EVERYONE…

How? The power of positive thought! It is that simple.

Most people would be reading this and straight away think ‘no way, what a load of @%#%’. As a society we tend to think that life happens to us. That someone somewhere serves us up a good deal or otherwise, and we think that everything that happens to us is beyond our control.

How often do we hear people say ‘oh, but he’s just lucky’, ‘but she had lots of opportunities’ or  ‘yeah but they didn’t have the problems I had’?

The truth is in our lives we are all exposed to moments that we might call a crisis or challenge or happiness or luck. The important thing to remember is that the difference between one person and another is not what happens in their lives, but rather, how they chose to interpret that. Is the glass half empty or half full?

People who chose to think positively will always have better outcomes. Our mind is the most powerful resource that we have!

In “The Power of Positive Thinking” Workshop you will learn three simple tools that can start you on your own personal positive journey. The exciting thing with these three simple tools is that they are the foundation of all areas. Whether you are a beginner, have a moderate level, or you are an expert in the power of positive thinking and happiness then we know you will love this information. If you chose to play along and commit to yourself you will walk away feeling inspired, happy and have a sense of confidence that YOU and YOU alone are in control of your life.

We believe that this is the best gift you can give yourself!

‘Innate Intelligence’ Workshop

Summary: We already have the amazing power to be healthy inside of us from before we were born. The issue is the majority of us have lost the ability to use this power or even to know that it is there. For example, have you ever thought that when you cut your arm, why does it heal automatically without your constant thought? Or what is the power that creates a baby over nine months? Or even how your body digests food automatically every single time that you eat something?

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Our workshop is based on helping our clients get in touch with their Innate Intelligence on a deeper level and having a lot more knowledge on how our amazing bodies were designed to work. It is a beautiful combination of this philosophy and how it intersects with modern science.

The way in which we use and listen to our innate intelligence is through the wonderful thing that we call the nervous system. It is this wonderful nervous system that, we, as chiropractors, have our affect on health. If your nervous system functions at its best then you have direct and constant access to your own innate intelligence and therefore a greater potential to be healthy.

We want our amazing clients to understand that to be healthy you don’t need to do anything special or have a special pill or the newest technology but you only need to understand the power within you, listen to it and let it express itself fully.

‘Workshop Ideas’

-‘The Real Health Revolution’ – What is ‘real’ health? How can we join the revolution and achieve it?

-‘Getting to 100 and getting there well’ – How to achieve more healthy years as we age

-‘Performance’ – Be it the Corporate athlete or the Sports athlete, learn how to perform at your optimal level


Dale Whitford from Whitford Property

Liam from Tribal Group




Cotton On Employee Testimonials

“I loved last week’s session. I went away and wrote 25 things I was grateful for. At the start I thought I’d struggle to hit 25 but once you start it helps you to see other things you have to be grateful for! I’m also working on my 100 goals which has helped me in really making sure I’m spending the time to work on the things that are important to me! I wish all of my team had the opportunity to attend this session so they’d understand my crazy addiction to positive thinking!”

“I found the session to be great, gave me a few new tips that I hadn’t thought about before that I have found useful. I think it would be great to do this in teams also within brand – as part of a team building/ bonding session to increase positivity around each other.”

“I really loved the session. He was really upbeat, positive and funny, and I felt really inspired afterwards. The only downfall was that it wasn’t long enough! Thanks for organising!”