Corporate health workshops, Geelong West

Professional corporate health and lifestyle services

At The IN8 Life, we offer corporate workshop packages to address a range of common issues affecting workplace productivity, morale and general wellness.

Our Geelong West corporate health workshops services can help your business or company benefit from:

·    Fewer sick days and workplace injuries

·    Happier staff and a more efficient workplace

·    Improved staff health and therefore improved productivity

Improve your bottom line with a corporate workshop

Did you know:

·    Absenteeism in Australia costs businesses $30 billion per year which is $385 per day, per employee?

·    From 2005-2006 presentism (underperforming due to illness) cost Australian businesses $26 billion?

·    Unmanaged reactions to stress are a more dangerous risk factor for cancer and heart disease than either cigarette smoking or high cholesterol foods?

At The IN8 Life, we would like to offer you our services, as professional corporate health and lifestyle educators.

Our corporate health workshop packages are designed to reduce absenteeism, reduce workplace stress and decrease work loss due to hospitalisation.

The IN8 Life offers a choice of tailor-made corporate health workshops that have been tried and tested in Europe, America and now Australia.

Places are limited to only 30 businesses this year due to high demand.