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Ready to Give Your Health a Boost?

Drinking more water. Getting in that daily workout. Eating more leafy greens. Kicking the smoking habit. There are plenty of healthy habits like these that can help change the trajectory of your wellbeing if you commit to that habit for a year. If you’re like many people, however, you may feel bombarded by information about ways to improve your health.

You may also have good intentions about implementing healthy habits into your life, but are struggling to be disciplined to do so.

Identify Your ‘Why’

We all have that one thing in mind that can help us be healthier, but doing it is another matter. It’s because of action, which requires discipline. For example, it’s easier to sit on the sofa and watch TV than to go outside and take a 20-minute walk. We need to bridge the gap between awareness and action. For example, you know that walking is good for your health, but what’s keeping you from doing it? The best way to bridge the gap is to identify the “why” or purpose of why you’re doing it. If you identify the reason, the action becomes more digestible. Let’s say your “why” is to play with your grandchildren in the future. Taking those regular walks now can help you stay fit in the years ahead, so you can play with those grandkids.

Take Small Steps Towards Your Goal

Once you determine what your why is, taking small steps along the way helps build on your discipline to achieve your outcome. You may even find you get excited by the discipline it takes to achieve your health goal. For example, maybe you start looking forward to that daily walk versus dreading it. Or, once you get used to eating more greens, you’re excited to make more healthy dishes that include spinach or kale. Small daily steps can lead to big health dividends. Check out Chiropractor Dr Sam’s YouTube video for more information!

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